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Boost your deal flow by introducing your innovative solution to our top tier accelerators and incubators.

If in need of a helping hand, a push in the right direction, visit our top tier of accelerators and incubators.
They can guide you through entrepreneurial challenges by their gained expertise. Wait no longer and introduce your startup!

Hangar K

Get to know Hangar K, a unique startup campus with many accelerator programs, like Game Technology Accelerator, DAE Studios. Their goal is to create a local game tech ecosystem by investing in young creative top talent.

Start it @KBC, is a unique startup accelerator because they’re
The accelerator is mission driven, supporting courageous entrepreneurs in their passion, goals and business.
They pride themselves in being the only absolutely free accelerator in Belgium.

Start it @KBC

Imec.istart , imec’s business accelerator, offers tech startups pre-seed funding and tailored support to succeed and grow in the market.
Since 2011 they have supported more than 200 companies.

More to come soon!