The Big Squeeze 2020

Congratulations to The Big Squeeze 2020 Awards winners

Startup of the Year


Helpper is the peer-to-peer platform that assists the elderly and people with a disability in their daily activities. It allows them to build long-lasting, local relationships in a community of screened neighbours who are happy to help with grocery shopping, small chores or a car ride to the doctor. Behind the scenes, Helpper takes care of guided matching, insurances, payments, and customer support. With its community of more than 4.000 ‘helppers’, they make home assistance flexible, personal, and affordable for society.

Scale-up of the Year

Robovision believes A.I. is going to be one of the biggest game-changer in many industries. To leverage this technology at its best is to make A.I. accessible to all. This is why has built a platform that allows anyone to intuitively train and deploy their own AI model based on vision.
Access to quality control, precision farming, machine maintenance prediction, traffic monitoring, and many other use cases will, therefore, be more comfortable to implement and maintain. has a proven track record in a vast array of industries like agriculture, health, manufacturing, and security. Robovision was founded by Jonathan Berte since 2008 as a business in machine vision. When Tim Waegeman joined in 2014, the '.ai' was added. With a recent boost, now is a 50+ team of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives, optimists, and makers who joined the initial mission to level the A.I. playing field.

Disruptive Innovation of the Year


The world is changing. The world is digitizing.We’re living our lives with our smartphone glued to our hand. Ordering everything online. Literally everything.
As we speak, a digitization wave is taking place in the construction industry. Smartyard wants to pioneer in this.
Just like we are able to book a room anywhere in the world through, Airbnb or buy a book at, Smartyard wants to bring this ease of use to the work floor. Making the process of renting and renting out construction machinery and site equipment more efficient.
Because it’s possible, since the technology is available. Because people (site managers, planners, dispatchers, etc.) expect this. Because they deserve this!
Smartyard connects construction and rental companies, unburdening them during the entire rental process. Everything with one single goal in mind: bringing the digital B2C experience that we know as a consumer, to the work floor.
Smartyard. By the construction industry. For the construction industry.
Because it’s worth it.
Smartyard. Cleverly Connecting Construction.

Student Startup of the Year


When babysitting on 2 boys, Toine noticed that the youngest one never stayed interested in the bedtime stories he read to him. No book could really spark the boy's interest. So in a quest to find the perfect children’s book, Toine realized that by using personalization, every child could get a book that was about the things they love, a book unique and perfect for them. He joined forces with Gregory and we searched a great and diverse student-team of four. Within 6 months we built the company and launched the first book with more than 100.000 personalization options. Since then we have made happy families by selling more than 1000 fully personalized books in The Netherlands and Flanders. Not only have we sold this many books in only four months time, we were also selected for the Birdhouse, one of the most renowned accelerator programs in Belgium.