Start collaboration

The Big Squeeze actively invites industry leaders & tech companies to work together and collaborate on innovative solutions.

Grab this unique opportunity to pitch to key decision makers & exchange ideas with each other.

Start collaboration

The Big Squeeze actively invites industry leaders & tech companies to work together and collaborate on innovative solutions.

Grab this unique opportunity to pitch to key decision makers & exchange ideas with each other.


DXC Technology

Smart Building Challenge

Is your startup passionate about automation? Do you use smart, intuitive and interactive technologies to drive administrative simplification at work and in the office?

We invite you to participate in the Smart Building Challenge powered by the Facilities Management Department of the Government of Flanders!

About the Facilities Management Department of the Government of Flanders

Het Facilitair Bedrijf (Facilities Management) is the department responsible for managing the more than 180 buildings of the Government of Flanders. One of these buildings is Herman Teirlinck located at Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

They want to:

  • Focus strongly on a hospitality concept

  • Make the building or visit experience intuitive and interactive

  • Simplify manual tasks with the use of modern day technology, so that the old fashion reception desks will no longer be needed.

What’s In It For Your Startup?

During this session, all pitching companies will have the opportunity to deliver a 5-minute pitch to successfully convince HFB about how their company is poised to replace manual tasks using smart, intuitive and interactive technologies.

Some ideas for inspiration:

  • Providing visitors and employees with access to use all the buildings’ services without any administrative and/or difficult reservation procedures; or

  • Enabling visitors and employees to find their way inside the buildings and gain access to wherever they need to be and with whom they need to be, without them having to ask anything at the reception desk; or

  • Making building-related information available (accessible) before arriving at the premises

Need extra information? Check out this guide from HBF



As a proud partner of The Big Squeeze, Huawei is excited to collaborate with the Belgian startup community in expanding the potential of its brand-new Kirin 980 HiAi chipset!

We are looking for innovative startups that are actively working with AI technology to take part in the Huawei AI Challenge.

The first step is to come up with and formulate an innovative concept, making use of Huawei’s Kirin 980 HiAi chipset. The concepts need to be presented to Huawei during The Big Squeeze on February 28, where the tech giant will select a total of 8 startups and scale-ups.

Timeline of Huawei AI Challenge

  • 1

    February 28

    Official Kickoff of the Huawei AI Challenge at The Big Squeeze

  • 2

    March 28

    Hands-on Workshop with Huawei Technical Team at BeCentral

  • 3

    April 30

    Hands-on Workshop with Huawei Technical Team at BeCentral

  • 4

    May 16

    Awarding of Winner at DataNews Award

Need more information about the challenge and some inspiration on how to formulate your concepts?

Download our guide


The Growcery

The Growcery Pitching Session

The packaging industry offers extensive opportunities and will encounter steady growth over the next years. In fact, it is estimated that the global market will reach a value of 654.88 billion Euro by 2020.

The Growcery gives five startups the opportunity to pitch about their smart & sustainable packaging solutions to key decision makers.

The pitches will be held at the The Riverside R1 from 11:30-13:00.

Why Sustainable?

Sustainability is an important topic across different industries.

Companies are setting broad-reaching goals to enable and inspire positive impact on the environment and society while creating value for company and consumer.

One of the goals of P&G, for example, is to create solutions so no packaging finds its way to the ocean.

Why Smart?

Technology is reshaping the packaging industry.

It is used to extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality, and improve product and customer safety. In addition, smart packaging offers new business opportunities based on digitization and thus fits into the broader realm of Industry 4.0.

Meet the five startups in the smart/sustainable packaging industry who will present their applications and potential disruptive technologies in a five minute pitch:

Aside from the pitches, Bernard Zwaenepoel of Esko will give a short overview on Packaging Connected.

Esko was recommended by Imec and employs 1.800 people worldwide. For 9 out of 10 retail packages, Esko solutions are used in packaging management, asset management, artwork creation, structural design, prepress, 3D visualization, flexo plate making, workflow automation, quality assurance, sample-making, palletization, supply chain collaboration and/or the production of signage and displays.

About The Growcery

The Growcery is an ecosystem where brands and startups/scale-ups team up to maximize the success of consumer-centric products and business models. We give access to a pilot infrastructure enabling rapid prototyping and pilot production for consumer-oriented innovative projects.

We actively involve a diverse range of niche players and experts to deliver tangible improvements for our community through joint learning, technology standards & best practices and shared services.



Innoviris 1-on-1’s

Does your startup have an innovation project on its roadmap? And is your startup located in the Brussels Region?

Would you be interested in an extra financial support of your innovation project, under the form of a non-refundable grant?

Have a 30-minute discussion with Innoviris advisors to check if your project qualifies for an innovation grant!

About Innoviris

Over the last 5 years, Innoviris has supported 206 Brussels companies with a global amount of €114 million. This allowed to fund 514 industrial innovation projects, 50% of which were carried out by companies with less than 50 employees. Therefore, they’re very excited to support the Brussels-based startup community in scaling their businesses.