The Big Squeeze 2020

The Big Squeeze expert classes

Where service providers, accelerators and incubators share their experience and insights.

Expert classes will be open for registration in October, 2020.


Jurgen Ingels

Participate in the expert class of  Jurgen Ingels, venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur. Learn the importance of relevant investors and why it's better to go for smart money. Everything you need to know about funding and time squeezing.


Catalina Daniels

Are you ready to expand internationally? Join Catalina Daniels expert class to learn why the US should be your next market and what you need to succeed, i.e., what are the key differences between B/EU and the US, and what elements of your strategy can you keep or do you need to change.

Van Santen

Maxime Van Santen

In January 2020, the electric bike scale-up Cowboy broke records to become the largest ever clean tech raise on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. And reinforced its riders community at the same time. How they did it? Maxime Van Santen, communications manager at Cowboy, will tell you all about the success story of Cowboy!


Frank Maene

Frank Maene is founder and Managing Partner of Volta Ventures. Volta Ventures invests in seed and early stage internet & software startups that originate in the Benelux. Next to funding, Volta provides their experience and network to scale startups. Join the expert class of Frank Maene about how to pitch to VC’s, create the perfect company/investor presentation and when and how to contact an investor.


Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert

Being an entrepeneur means to live, learn, forgive and irritate. It is giving life to ideas of the mind. There is little more frightening or exciting. Every day, moving a stone in the bed of the river. Business is also failure, hit walls, lose and get up again. After 10 years, Matthias decided to say goodbye to the lawyers. Because it was time. It was time for the future, for something new. He has founded the Ministry of Privacy to create awareness about this important issue.


Jeroen Spitaels

Your brand is your way to communicate with the world. How can you bootstrap-build a brand from scratch? And how can you use your brand to amplify all your marketing efforts. All this and more during the marketing expert class by  Jeroen Spitaels, Co-Founder & CEO of Mealhero

Van Walle

Stijn Van Walle

How can you transform finance from an overhead “thing you need” into a business partnering role, change it from a cost center into a profit center by automation, strategy and advisory. Finance as a value creator instead of a burden ! Stijn Van Walle will give advice on how to fix your finance.


Xavier Damman

From Storify to Open Collective to Extinction Rebellion and #FridaysForFuture. Through his (ongoing) journey, Xavier shares how he uses downtimes to take a step back, regen and explore the field of possibilities. He’ll tell how he uses failures as part of the iteration process that guides him towards where the world needs him the most. He hopes this talk will give you ideas and motivation to make the jump, change priorities and start building something to help our society urgently tackle the climate and ecological emergency.



With expert guidance of two Cresco partners, Jürgen Ingels (SmartFin Capital) and Tim Clauwaert (Intuo) will discuss the pros and cons of the decision to:
sell your startup/scale-up;
or grow your startup/scale-up through the purchase of additional businesses.
Listen to this interesting panel debate at The Big Squeeze.

De Ceulaer

Nathalie De Ceulaer

KPI, (financial and operational) reporting and financial plans for startups and scale-ups: how does good financial management help you to make better decisions, get funding and build a better relationship with your investors and directors.

With Love

Made With Love

We will explore what a great workplace looks like in terms of collaboration and how a remote-first culture can actually help establish that. Expect insights into some of our best practices that we think are valuable in any company, remote or not. Things like: communication, leadership, processes, goal setting, etc.


Veerle Huygen

How (and why) to maintain a healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing as a startup founder. Discover how this theme is present in other founder’s lives and how they deal with it. Veerle Huygen, founder of Shots of Ginger, will give you tips & tricks on how to increase your mental resilience that will ultimately increase your chances of success!



Funding and scaling your company abroad: the legal need-to-knows.

With Love

Made With Love

We will give you an overview of all the steps that are involved in building a successful digital product. By looking at what happens before, during, and after development, you will get a good sense of what to look out for in the process of building your product.

Best practices & lessons learned from growing a B2B SaaS company beyond € 1,000,000 Annual Recurring Revenue with customers in 27 countries, out of offices in Leuven and New York. We’ll cover lead generation to deal closure; track & leverage sales metrics; and all things Pricing & Team growth.


FailingForward Panel

Scale your funding! Money is indispensable to start and grow your business. Who can finance your early stage startup? How do you tempt investors during your search for growth capital? Join us at the Failing Forward panel debate at The Big Squeeze.


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