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Can’t wait until The Big Squeeze? Here’s a sneak peek of attending startups!


“Alexandria.Works is a new-generation Enterprise Search Engine. In 2016 Eric Van Horenbeeck and Tom Pauwaert started working on a project to replace Enterprise Search with Enterprise Insight. During his PhD Eric developed the novel semantic analysis technology called Topical Facets™ that is at the core of the Alexandria.Works product. Tom solved the unique technical challenges of translating a complex semantic network and its interactions into a highly efficient IT architecture.
Alexandria.Works is well-funded and collaborates with selected system integrators and service providers to ensure state-of-the-art software delivery, while approaching the market directly at the same time. Alexandria.Works has pilot projects running at the European Council, the City of Ghent, SD Worx, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Renson, Engie and others.” shapes the future of work with an online platform that connects companies and freelancers of the IT & Digital world, with the promise of finding the perfect match.
Thanks to our innovative matching algorithm, freelancers have the opportunity to find assignments tailored to both their profiles and the companies’ needs.
With Beelance, you will have full access to:
 * A powerful matching system
 * Easy administration and payment flexibility
 * An ecosystem of added-value partners
 * A growing community of IT & Digital freelancers and companies
Beelance is above all a participative platform built around a community: this platform is created with and for you!


Brainalyzed is the creator of Brainalyzed Insight, the world's first artificial swarm intelligence (ASI) platform. Our AI solutions are built to reduce costs and risks, increase operational efficiency, and help you take better investment decisions. The vision and goal of Brainalyzed is to make AI easily accessible to every user, by digitally mimicking the work of data scientists. Brainalyzed is now a powerful platform that empowers users to easily explore their data, test various hypothesis, and roll-out high-performing AI swarms, without worrying about the operational challenges of AI technology.


Equipment management is hard. We've got you covered. CHEQROOM builds awesome equipment management software. Our online platform lets teams manage and track valuable equipment from anywhere. It enables sophisticated inventory control without the hassle of out-of-date spreadsheets or the need to invest in expensive technology.
Our customers are broadcasting, video production companies, equipment manufacturers and universities. They include: Google, Fox Sports, ESPN, DJI, Netflix, Fujifilm, Harvard University, Kent State University and Ohio University.


C-SITE is the reference as a visualization platform for the construction, engineering & real estate sector. The C-SITE automatic cloud-based project visualization platform automatically creates real time images, livestream, time-lapse videos, … of building projects under construction by our C-SITE on-site cameras and is mainly used:
   • for operational site monitoring and as built file afterwards
   • as a marketing and PR tool (social media, project websites, etc)
   • for stakeholder management
The online application is equipped with a simple plug & play end-to-end service and is monitored 24/7. Follow your construction project at any time from any device!


If you like TripAdvisor, you will love Cuustomer!
Cuustomer is the first B2B supplier management tool that helps professionals in their purchasing decisions to increase efficiency and reduce their expenses.

Dploy is a PaaS startup from Leuven. Backed by our extensive B2B experience, we've set out on a mission to highly simplify AI model deployment & monitoring by providing an end-to-end platform that brings fast, secure and regulatory compliant AI deployment to our customers’ doorsteps.


Why waste time and money on administrative tasks? Choose a platform that delivers simplification and helps you automatize your organization! Our goal at Deskflow is to deliver an operational driven cloud ERP platform that brings power to companies without expensive and long implementations. Simplify your workplace with Deskflow cloud ERP.

infinity mobile

Shopitag, our cloud based commerce platform helps large retail and B2C businesses to digitize their services both in-store as online. The platform combines the best of commerce with the best of AI driven personalisation and recommendations. Amongst our customers: Procter & Gamble, ING Bank, Brussels Airport, Edenred, ...

Meet Roger

Roger, makes internal corporate communication easy, targeted and measurable.
We are on a mission to simplify internal corporate communications. In this era of digital transformation Roger is the answer to your need to reach all of your employees at the same time.




Orion is focused at enabling enterprises to take automated action on written and spoken customer requests.
Our goal is to increase your company's efficiency in order for your workforce to handle larger customer request volumes more easily, gain more insight in customer requests and increase customer satisfaction. Orion is an engine based on artificial intelligence, automates customer service processes and plugs in on top of existing email solutions, telephony and CRM systems.


SCANDALOOK is the new fashion app to inspire you in store and at home! Scan the barcode of apparels and discover every influencers wearing them on most popular social networks: It will give you more inspiration to combine clothes together and for which occasion!


The world is changing. The world is digitizing.
We’re living our lives with our smartphone glued to our hand. Ordering everything online. Literally everything. As we speak, a digitization wave is taking place in the construction industry. Smartyard wants to pioneer in this.
Just like we are able to book a room anywhere in the world through, Airbnb or buy a book at, Smartyard wants to bring this ease of use to the work floor. Making the process of renting and renting out construction machinery and site equipment more efficient.
Because it’s possible, since the technology is available.
Because people (site managers, planners, dispatchers, etc.) expect this. Because they deserve this!
Smartyard connects construction and rental companies, unburdening them during the entire rental process. Everything with one single goal in mind: bringing the digital B2C experience that we know as a consumer, to the work floor.
Smartyard. By the construction industry. For the construction industry.
Because it’s worth it.
Smartyard. Cleverly Connecting Construction.

Social Seeder

After 5 year of operation, we're helping more than 250 organizations to start & optimize their employer engagement program with internal & external ambassadors. We've developed a unique methodology & our online tool provides deep insights and learnings on what stories move people to become your best ambassadors.


Who's Up is a data-driven Cloud-based software that helps companies communicate faster and in a more efficient manner with their recruitment partners.
We help you say goodbye to countless emails, we make sure you save time and collect data all in one platform.
Share your jobs with partners of your choice, make use of video messages, compare candidates, give feedback in just one click, analyze your partnerships 24/7 and talk to your recruiters with our integrated chat. You can integrate Who’s Up with every ATS, TAP or Recruitment Software.

wowlink is an online platform activating existing customer bases. Wowlink referral leads are generated by linking customer experiences with moder technology.
Companies pay their lead generation in advance without assured conversion. The wowlink-platform offers 100 % return for every lead. Win as a company through our no cure, no pay model and gain a more efficient sales team. We link man and technology to convert satisfied customers into company-ambassadors. The consumer is rewarded for sharing experiences with their friends, fools and family. Win by allowing your customers to work for you.


Yucopia is a platform for SME’s that allows it’s clients to digitally validate, manage, centralize, analyse and report orders and suppliers.
Because we have digitalized and enhanced (A.I.) the order process between SME and supplier, our SME clients can order at suppliers and manufacturers that normally only service big volume-clients, multinationals and resellers. Result: The Yucopia SME saves on average 35% on all general expenses and gets an intuitive procurement software on top. For free.

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