Startups @The Big Squeeze

Can’t wait until The Big Squeeze? Here’s a sneak peek of attending startups!


Adshot is an innovative digital platform, which brings brands and YouTube/Twitch influencers together. Since big brands and content creators are two worlds apart, it used to be difficult for both parties to orchestrate solid campaigns. Thanks to our user-friendly framework, brands easily find the right creators and launch influencer marketing campaigns to connect with the biggest entertainment industry in the world: gaming. Creators rely on Adshot to discover new and manage running campaigns. They can finally find enough sponsorships to support doing what they love most: creating content for their fans.

Aerospace Labs

Aerospacelab, founded in 2017, develops hardware (small satellites) but also, and primarily, software, linked to A.I and machine learning to leverage analytics based on satellite imagery. In this context, Aerospacelab aims to enhance efficiency across all markets by making geospatial intelligence affordable.


“Alexandria.Works is a new-generation Enterprise Search Engine. In 2016 Eric Van Horenbeeck and Tom Pauwaert started working on a project to replace Enterprise Search with Enterprise Insight. During his PhD Eric developed the novel semantic analysis technology called Topical Facets™ that is at the core of the Alexandria.Works product. Tom solved the unique technical challenges of translating a complex semantic network and its interactions into a highly efficient IT architecture.
Alexandria.Works is well-funded and collaborates with selected system integrators and service providers to ensure state-of-the-art software delivery, while approaching the market directly at the same time. Alexandria.Works has pilot projects running at the European Council, the City of Ghent, SD Worx, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Renson, Engie and others.”


Aloxy offers reliable industrial Internet of Things solutions tailored to the needs of the chemical, oil and gas and other process industries. Our technology makes assets smart and allows to automate processes further and deliver actionable insights into industrial operations. shapes the future of work with an online platform that connects companies and freelancers of the IT & Digital world, with the promise of finding the perfect match.
Thanks to our innovative matching algorithm, freelancers have the opportunity to find assignments tailored to both their profiles and the companies’ needs.
With Beelance, you will have full access to:
 * A powerful matching system
 * Easy administration and payment flexibility
 * An ecosystem of added-value partners
 * A growing community of IT & Digital freelancers and companies
Beelance is above all a participative platform built around a community: this platform is created with and for you!


Getting the data right and getting the right data is crucial when it comes down to (regulatory) financial and risk reporting. Therefore, banks rely on b.fine’s brx platform to transform their time-consuming reporting processes into an effective reporting supply chain. Through our brx platform, banks can regain control and oversight over the different reporting processes without compromising on data quality and submission deadlines. Thanks to the brx platform, getting your regulatory reports ready in time was never that straightforward!


Brainalyzed is the creator of Brainalyzed Insight, the world's first artificial swarm intelligence (ASI) platform. Our AI solutions are built to reduce costs and risks, increase operational efficiency, and help you take better investment decisions. The vision and goal of Brainalyzed is to make AI easily accessible to every user, by digitally mimicking the work of data scientists. Brainalyzed is now a powerful platform that empowers users to easily explore their data, test various hypothesis, and roll-out high-performing AI swarms, without worrying about the operational challenges of AI technology.


At Breezo, we create healthy indoor environments by misting our probiotics. Using ultrasonic machinery, we spread our active organisms through airducts in order to increase the overall hygiene and have an impact on Funghi, allergens and bad smell, whilst creating bio-balanced spaces.


When babysitting on 2 boys, Toine noticed that the youngest one never stayed interested in the bedtime stories he read to him. No book could really spark the boy's interest. So in a quest to find the perfect children’s book, Toine realized that by using personalization, every child could get a book that was about the things they love, a book unique and perfect for them. He joined forces with Gregory and we searched a great and diverse student-team of four. Within 6 months we built the company and launched the first book with more than 100.000 personalization options. Since then we have made happy families by selling more than 1000 fully personalized books in The Netherlands and Flanders. Not only have we sold this many books in only four months time, we were also selected for the Birdhouse, one of the most renowned accelerator programs in Belgium.


Equipment management is hard. We've got you covered. CHEQROOM builds awesome equipment management software. Our online platform lets teams manage and track valuable equipment from anywhere. It enables sophisticated inventory control without the hassle of out-of-date spreadsheets or the need to invest in expensive technology.
Our customers are broadcasting, video production companies, equipment manufacturers and universities. They include: Google, Fox Sports, ESPN, DJI, Netflix, Fujifilm, Harvard University, Kent State University and Ohio University.


Calypsus supercharges your digital marketing reporting. We allow marketers to easily import all of their online advertising data & to build and share insightful cross-channel reports with just a few clicks.


CluePoints provides Sponsors and CROs a better way of detecting and managing risks that may impact the outcome of clinical trials. Our solutions, all of which are underpinned by Central Statistical Monitoring, a technique that’s being investigated by the FDA for selecting sites for inspection, are deployed to drive a Risk-Based Quality Management strategy, as advocated by ICH and FDA.


C-SITE is the reference as a visualization platform for the construction, engineering & real estate sector. The C-SITE automatic cloud-based project visualization platform automatically creates real time images, livestream, time-lapse videos, … of building projects under construction by our C-SITE on-site cameras and is mainly used:
   • for operational site monitoring and as built file afterwards
   • as a marketing and PR tool (social media, project websites, etc)
   • for stakeholder management
The online application is equipped with a simple plug & play end-to-end service and is monitored 24/7. Follow your construction project at any time from any device! is the building block for integrating white-labeled, interactive analytics into any SaaS platform, client portal or intranet. lowers the time to market and the development & maintenance cost of new analytics solutions.


If you like TripAdvisor, you will love Cuustomer!
Cuustomer is the first B2B supplier management tool that helps professionals in their purchasing decisions to increase efficiency and reduce their expenses.


Cyanview designs the missing pieces to use any kind of camera for live broadcast productions. The project started by bringing remote control to the mini cameras used on Ninja Warrior France, the onboard cameras on the 24h of Le Mans and the specialty cameras of Fort Boyard. Cyanview's range of products is quickly growing and finds applications in different markets: the use of specialty cameras on sports or game shows, enhancing video processing in general broadcast infrastructures, using Cinema cameras for Live Productions such as concerts and finally the new trend of remote production where any regular camera located in a stadium or anywhere should be controlled remotely from studios located in another city. Cyanview is now used worldwide on small and large events: remote control of more than 80 robotic cameras on the Australian Open, Rolland Garros and the US Open, correcting colors on a couple of specialty cameras on the SuperBowl, providing control on the UK EFL Ligue 1 from IMG Studios, color matching a racing drone on Nascar, or simply controlling mini-cameras on many football and basketball games. From the next sport summer in Japan to your small local venue, Cyanview will have an impact on what you will see live.


Deliverect is a SaaS company that simplifies online food delivery management for food businesses. The company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Zhong Xu, Jan Hollez and Jelte Vrijhoef after they’d witnessed first-hand the many pains restaurants were facing when offering delivery. Deliverect integrates third-party food ordering platforms into the restaurant’s point-of-sale system, making rekeying orders and the costly errors that come with it a thing of the past. With all online orders centrally managed, businesses can increase operational efficiency, which will ramp up customer satisfaction, as well. Incidentally, Deliverect’s mission is to be the connection between food businesses and their customers in order to strengthen their relationship. The company’s software saves its customers time and money, so they can focus on doing the things they love and are passionate about. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, Deliverect’s been steadily expanding around the world - signing up not only restaurants, but big chains, enterprises and other food businesses as well to help them manage delivery, easily.


Digiteal reinvents payment and invoicing.
Digiteal is a Belgian Fintech certified as a payment institution by the National Bank of Belgium that operates in the entire SEPA zone. By combining two existing worlds (invoice presentment and payment), Digiteal brings to companies sending bills to consumers new innovative European solutions. It allows them to get paid faster, on a more regular basis and at a lower cost.
Benefits for the consumers: finally a real alternative to paper and email bills.

Dploy is a PaaS startup from Leuven. Backed by our extensive B2B experience, we've set out on a mission to highly simplify AI model deployment & monitoring by providing an end-to-end platform that brings fast, secure and regulatory compliant AI deployment to our customers’ doorsteps.


Why waste time and money on administrative tasks? Choose a platform that delivers simplification and helps you automatize your organization! Our goal at Deskflow is to deliver an operational driven cloud ERP platform that brings power to companies without expensive and long implementations. Simplify your workplace with Deskflow cloud ERP.

ESA Space Solutions Belgium

ESA Space Solutions Belgium gives Belgian entrepreneurs a boost to innovate with space technology. Start-ups that want to use space technology or know-how can set up feasibility studies and demonstration projects with us, can be incubated by our partners, access the extensive database of ESA patents and technologies, and be introduced to the European Space Agency ecosystem.


Etheclo – the missing link for your thermo-sensitive logistics ? sustainable & smart
A reusable, highly isolating cold box for fresh & frozen – food & pharma – B2B & B2C – fist & last mile – e.comm & smart city – home & not@home - … to assure a save and healthy delivery
An App oriented cloud-platform to keep track of the thermo-conditions - today for temperature – but extensible to other parameters like humidity, pressure, … from -40 till +80°C – from some hours till 40 days – up to parcel level - usable everywhere – anywhere


Halff is third-party mobile banking app, providing one highly intuitive oversight of all financial accounts, for all banks. Ranging from investment and pension accounts to current accounts.


Headminer is an affordable workforce exchange that helps you find, offer and manage skilled workers with ease. We make contingent job allocation faster, more secure and paperless. Our goal is to connect small and big companies, employment agencies and freelancers all together in a trusted network.

Hello Customer

Hello Customer is a Belgian tech company that offers the most complete customer feedback and insights platform to improve retention rates. Our goal is to eliminate all reasons for customer churn from the world. We want every organisation to know exactly why their customers are happy, why they are leaving and how companies can prevent this. We were founded in 2015 by Leslie Cottenjé, Bram De Vos and Joeri Pansaerts and are on a mission to grow worldwide. We work hard every day to build our brand from our headquarters in Ghent.


Helpper is the peer-to-peer platform that assists the elderly and people with a disability in their daily activities. It allows them to build long-lasting, local relationships in a community of screened neighbours who are happy to help with grocery shopping, small chores or a car ride to the doctor. Behind the scenes, Helpper takes care of guided matching, insurances, payments, and customer support. With its community of more than 4.000 ‘helppers’, they make home assistance flexible, personal, and affordable for society.


Hytchers is offering sustainable parcel delivery and return solutions for e-commerces. Making use of the existing trips of a vast community of drivers, Hytchers is able to transport a large number of parcels without emitting any additional CO2 at a competitive price.

infinity mobile

Shopitag, our cloud based commerce platform helps large retail and B2C businesses to digitize their services both in-store as online. The platform combines the best of commerce with the best of AI driven personalisation and recommendations. Amongst our customers: Procter & Gamble, ING Bank, Brussels Airport, Edenred, ...


IVEX is a young Belgian company, aiming to reduce the number of road casualties to zero by 2030. It combines artificial intelligence techniques and mathematical methods to increase the safety of decision-making algorithms of autonomous vehicles. The technology is translated into a safety co-pilot that runs in the vehicles and a safety assessment tool which are used in the validation and verification process of AV/ADAS. IVEX customers include Renault, Siemens, Case New Holland, SAIC motors... IVEX is looking for new talents.


Established in 2017, Keyrock's vision is to transform the service of market making into a scalable software, which can provide liquidity to all financial markets at a low marginal cost. To do so, it combines self-adapting liquidity algorithms, easy-to-use interfaces and state of the art risk management systems. While its technology represents a tremendous opportunity in the current state of financial markets, Keyrock believes the development of asset tokenization not only vastly increases the opportunity in the market, but moreover the need for its transparant and scaleable service. Currently one of the main market makers in the digital asset space, Keyrock’s objective is to become the leading liquidity provider for all financial markets.


We help our customers minimize risks and optimize their IT by providing actionable insight into their IT infrastructure. Our IT Inventory platform enables over 25.000 organizations worldwide to know their IT at all times. We offer trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of all users, devices and software in their IT environment.

Linked Car

LinkedCar's Customer First Mobility Platform unites data from dealers, manufacturers, insurers, fleets and even live data from connected vehicles. A 360 ° view for the dealer, insurer or fleet and a mobile multi-brand app for the consumer.
With our driver-first mentality and our focus on loyalty, we have co-created this platform with the automotive industry. Our solution does not only show real-time data of the connected car, but our drivers can share this data and monetize it. Our ambition is that our platform will be a global driver of change in addressing loyalty in the automotive space. Together with our partners we create drivers for life!

Meet Roger

Roger, makes internal corporate communication easy, targeted and measurable.
We are on a mission to simplify internal corporate communications. In this era of digital transformation Roger is the answer to your need to reach all of your employees at the same time.



Nakama HR

Nakama HR helps companies to recruit Better & Faster by using the networks of employees.


Orion is focused at enabling enterprises to take automated action on written and spoken customer requests.
Our goal is to increase your company's efficiency in order for your workforce to handle larger customer request volumes more easily, gain more insight in customer requests and increase customer satisfaction. Orion is an engine based on artificial intelligence, automates customer service processes and plugs in on top of existing email solutions, telephony and CRM systems.

Relocation Reinvented. facilitates companies and individual expats to tackle their international mobility challenges. Planning any relocation becomes a matter of a few simple clicks with the combination of our marketplace and management tool.

Relo Trust

Relocation Management software for companies with employees working in different countries. A platform to reduce time and money, to manage service providers, cost and reporting.

Robovision believes A.I. is going to be one of the biggest game-changer in many industries. To leverage this technology at its best is to make A.I. accessible to all. This is why has built a platform that allows anyone to intuitively train and deploy their own AI model based on vision.
Access to quality control, precision farming, machine maintenance prediction, traffic monitoring, and many other use cases will, therefore, be more comfortable to implement and maintain. has a proven track record in a vast array of industries like agriculture, health, manufacturing, and security. Robovision was founded by Jonathan Berte since 2008 as a business in machine vision. When Tim Waegeman joined in 2014, the '.ai' was added. With a recent boost, now is a 50+ team of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives, optimists, and makers who joined the initial mission to level the A.I. playing field.


SCANDALOOK is the new fashion app to inspire you in store and at home! Scan the barcode of apparels and discover every influencers wearing them on most popular social networks: It will give you more inspiration to combine clothes together and for which occasion!


The world is changing. The world is digitizing.
We’re living our lives with our smartphone glued to our hand. Ordering everything online. Literally everything. As we speak, a digitization wave is taking place in the construction industry. Smartyard wants to pioneer in this.
Just like we are able to book a room anywhere in the world through, Airbnb or buy a book at, Smartyard wants to bring this ease of use to the work floor. Making the process of renting and renting out construction machinery and site equipment more efficient.
Because it’s possible, since the technology is available.
Because people (site managers, planners, dispatchers, etc.) expect this. Because they deserve this!
Smartyard connects construction and rental companies, unburdening them during the entire rental process. Everything with one single goal in mind: bringing the digital B2C experience that we know as a consumer, to the work floor.
Smartyard. By the construction industry. For the construction industry.
Because it’s worth it.
Smartyard. Cleverly Connecting Construction.

Social Seeder

After 5 year of operation, we're helping more than 250 organizations to start & optimize their employer engagement program with internal & external ambassadors. We've developed a unique methodology & our online tool provides deep insights and learnings on what stories move people to become your best ambassadors.


SoundTalks NV is a technology-driven spin-off company that originated from the KU Leuven (BE) and the University of Milan (IT) in 2011. SoundTalks is committed to improving the health and welfare of livestock animals and the efficiency in the livestock production chain by delivering innovative automated monitoring solutions to the global market. The ultimate goal for SoundTalks is to give every animal a life worth living, and the company believes sound-based monitoring tools are perfect to help achieving that goal.

The Glue

The Glue is a platform builder, focused on the financial sector. We are an end-to-end partner. From ideation to blueprint, PoC and finished project. We support both running and scaling your solution.
• Strong team of architects, analysts and developers with a proven track record. We can scale up fast thanks to our extensive local and nearshore network.
• A track record of successfully built and run products for a.o. Belfius, Toco and NN. Projects with Fednot, Baloise, Atradius and Assuralia are underway.
• Established in 2015 by Jürgen Ingels, founder of Clear2Pay (NYSE:FIS) and Stefan Dierckx, founder and CEO of Projective and CEO of Exellys. The Glue has a €10 million capital base to grow in tune with your innovation and venturing ambitions.


Topo4D is an innovative land surveying office with a few niche activities. Topo4D, for example, specializes in photogrammetry, drone surveying, laser scanning and legal support.
Technology and knowledge are core values ​​that result in productivity.


Who's Up is a data-driven Cloud-based software that helps companies communicate faster and in a more efficient manner with their recruitment partners.
We help you say goodbye to countless emails, we make sure you save time and collect data all in one platform.
Share your jobs with partners of your choice, make use of video messages, compare candidates, give feedback in just one click, analyze your partnerships 24/7 and talk to your recruiters with our integrated chat. You can integrate Who’s Up with every ATS, TAP or Recruitment Software.


Wikiflow is an interactive, digital platform that manages all your innovation and entrepreneurship processes in a single place.
It is designed to create maximum impact, taking into account the human factor, administrative intelligence, efficiency planning and, of course, the reason we all are in this space – fun!

wowlink is an online platform activating existing customer bases. Wowlink referral leads are generated by linking customer experiences with moder technology.
Companies pay their lead generation in advance without assured conversion. The wowlink-platform offers 100 % return for every lead. Win as a company through our no cure, no pay model and gain a more efficient sales team. We link man and technology to convert satisfied customers into company-ambassadors. The consumer is rewarded for sharing experiences with their friends, fools and family. Win by allowing your customers to work for you.


Yucopia is a platform for SME’s that allows it’s clients to digitally validate, manage, centralize, analyse and report orders and suppliers.
Because we have digitalized and enhanced (A.I.) the order process between SME and supplier, our SME clients can order at suppliers and manufacturers that normally only service big volume-clients, multinationals and resellers. Result: The Yucopia SME saves on average 35% on all general expenses and gets an intuitive procurement software on top. For free.




More to come soon!

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